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Benefits of joining 

There are multiple benefits to a school joining our trust, for their children, staff, and governors.


  • Retain good staff by offering development opportunities across the trust.
  • Easier succession planning - grow our own leaders and teachers of the future.
  • We run the South Yorkshire Teaching Hub, which brings together all the latest news, research, job, training and professional development opportunities for staff.
  • Our Initial Teacher Training programme brings new teachers into the profession, giving you access to a wider workforce.
  • Our National Modern Languages SCITT trains new modern foreign languages teachers and provides links to both state and independent schools across England.
  • Safety net of support when key staff are absent.
  • Specialist support in subject areas, particularly from our trust directors for English and maths.
  • Specialist support from our trust safeguarding and inclusion lead.
  • Specialist support from our central trust team covering areas such as HR, IT, health and safety, finance, marketing and communications, facilities management, governance.
  • We follow national and local terms and conditions for staff.

Support on improving outcomes for all students

  • Outstanding teaching and learning at the heart of our trust.
  • We want to improve outcomes for all pupils, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • We have track record of providing highly inclusive education for students.
  • We will go to great lengths to keep students in school.
  • Excellent SEND professionals.
  • Rigorous support and advice on safeguarding, inclusion, dyslexia and literacy, autism and communication, behaviour and engagement.

School improvement

  • A profession-led response to school improvement – doing it ‘with’ rather than ‘to’.
  • Clear accountability for school improvement / stronger governance.
  • Support to other schools who cannot or do not wish to convert independently.

Equal admissions status to an outstanding Sixth Form

We would like students at secondary schools within our trust to also benefit from access to Silverdale Sixth Form on the same admissions basis as Silverdale students.

Providing they meet the admissions criteria, this would mean that students can join one of the most successful state school Sixth Forms in Sheffield.

Help shape the trust offer at all stages

  • Investigate how curriculum can work across all stages.
  • Transition support - to strengthen and formalise transition.
  • Expand sixth form offer across schools.
  • Early primary school joiners to trust are helping to develop primary offer.


  • Support headteachers to concentrate on teaching and learning.
  • Central purchasing to deliver economies of scale.
  • Specialist qualified finance staff.
  • Better and bespoke service for schools, rather than being lost in a big, outsourced service.
  • Specialist support for academy finance management and conversion.
  • Flexibility in resource deployment.

Central business services

Schools within our trust pay an agreed management fee and automatically access our core central support services.