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Why not set up your own Trust?

This is a question many schools ask themselves, particularly given the direction of travel in education at the moment.

However, it's worth being realistic about just what is involved in the process - let alone the final outcome. Most schools first have to convert to become an academy. The legal and financial demands of this process are not insignificant and create an increased workload for your central team. You must also consult with your local community and staff on becoming an academy. We can offer advice and support on Academy Conversion.

To convert to become a Single Academy Trust:

  • a school’s latest Ofsted rating must be at least ‘good’
  • pupils’ attainment and progress must be high
  • schools will need to prove that their finances are healthy.

Regional Schools Commissioners (RSCs), in conjunction with their headteacher boards (HTB), will consider appropriate conversions arrangements for schools.

When agreeing to a Mult-Academy Trust (MAT) arrangement or to the expansion of a MAT RSCs will wnat to be reassured that:

  • leaders understand the challenges the Trust will face and had clear plans for tackling these
  • the Trust understands how the roles of individual leaders will need to change as the Trust grows
  • teaching expertise and other forms of best practice will be effectively spread through the Trust
  • the Trust is equipped to withstand turnover in personnel, and especially a change in leadership
  • the Trust has plans to recruit the finance, human resources and business experience appropriate to the size of the Trust – though is some cases, outsourcing will be appropriate/necessary.

If you would rather avoid the long and demanding process of growing a MAT from scratch, but want the benefits of being part of such an organisation, why not consider talking to us?