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Why the name change? 

As the Trust has grown, we realised that we wanted a name that more accurately reflects our ethos of all schools working together to build and shape our organisation.

Whilst we can draw upon the wealth of skills and experience in both Silverdale School and our Teaching School (the Sheffield Teaching School Alliance), we recognise that every school that joins us has a unique contribution to make. Whether a primary or secondary school, we want them to help shape our growing Trust, to bring their own learning, and actively get involved in developing our vision for the future.

So choosing the name ‘Chorus’ seemed appropriate: individual voices coming together to work as one.

We believe that there is strength in us working together but recognise that we must retain the unique character of every school. Our Trust is about all of our schools, not just one.

Our branding also reflects our inclusive approach - to both schools and students. We welcome a diverse range of staff, students and schools, recognising that through diversity we can find strength.