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Silverdale achieves best results in South Yorkshire!

Published on 01/02/19

This week the government published the latest league tables of all schools in England, ranking them based on the average improvement made by students between leaving primary school and sitting their GCSEs or equivalent qualifications.

The Progress 8 score seeks to measure this progress, with positive scores indicating that students are making better than expected progress, and negative scores the opposite.

Silverdale students achieved +0.67 which is the highest score of not just Sheffield, but South Yorkshire schools.

Roisin Paul, Executive Headteacher for Chorus Education Trust, said:

Silverdale’s position at the top of the latest league table is very much down to the fantastic combined efforts of students, staff and the families within our community.

“Not only have our students yet again achieved some of the best results in the city, but the Progress 8 score shows that, wherever you start from when you join our school, you will make outstanding progress.

“We have achieved this, despite the national funding cuts, and we are proud to still be offering a broad and balanced curriculum to our diverse range of students.

“The latest results also show that our Sixth Form is top of all state schools in the city for progress – again due to the commitment and hard work of everyone here.”

Westfield School, which recently joined the Trust, had a Progress 8 score of -0.52. 

Mrs Paul acknowledged that there is much work to do there:

“Westfield School officially joined our Trust in December and so we are now able to really power on with the changes needed there, to enable it to equal Silverdale’s success. We know it has the potential to be an outstanding school and are putting immense efforts into making this happen.

“The new head, Mr Birkbeck, has brought in additional specialist staff, and we have been able to draw on the expertise of Silverdale staff to share best practice, and build on the solid foundations of our local feeder schools”.