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About us

We are a growing trust, committed to providing every child with the best education in both primary and secondary schools across South Yorkshire and Derbyshire. We train and develop teachers, giving our children access to the very best educational thinking and practice.

Our vision

Our vision is Outstanding Achievement for All. We want to create a culture of success in which our children and young people can succeed. We do this through the provision of safe and supportive schools, collaborating to ensure that our children benefit from a more effective spend of public money.

Chorus Trust map

An outstanding education should not depend on your postcode

We believe that every child deserves the best education possible, and we know that there is outstanding expertise across our region that can be harnessed to make this happen.

Together we are stronger

All schools are facing financial challenges and we believe that, by coming together, we can build resilience and economies of scale that just wouldn't be possible on our own.

You don’t have to like academies and trusts to like us!

We know that academies and trusts are not everyone's preferred way of delivering education – but we are different. We want our schools to collaborate, rather than have it 'done to us' by a national chain with limited understanding of the local area.

Choose your own destiny

We know that every school brings expertise from which we can all learn. We want the schools that join us to help shape our Trust. We don't believe in moulding every school to one template. Together, we are Chorus Trust.

You can be aspirational and inclusive

We believe that every young person has the capacity to achieve beyond their expectations. We go to great lengths to keep students in school, by developing a strong, inclusive environment and investing in teams of dedicated, professional staff.

We welcome a diverse range of staff, students and schools, recognising that through diversity we can find strength.