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Hady Primary School

Hady Primary School is a Chesterfield primary school and nursery which aims to provide a nurturing environment, inspiring experience, and firm foundation for growth for its pupils.

Everyone at Hady Primary School holds high expectations for pupils’ academic achievements, but is equally determined to see them achieve in their personal development.

The school, situated to the east of Chesterfield, welcomes more than 300 pupils through its doors, from Reception to Year 6, as well as in the Nursery.

Hady Primary School joined Chorus Trust on 1 July 2024.

Please visit Hady Primary School’s website to find out more or contact the school.



Hady Primary School follows Derbyshire Local Authority’s admissions process, information about which is available from

If you are interested in transferring to Hady Primary School from another primary school please contact the Admissions Department of Derbyshire Local Authority.


Contact details

Hady Primary School
Hady Lane


S41 0DF

Tel 01246 279254