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How does it affect staff?


If your school joins Chorus Education Trust your staff are protected by TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings and Protection of Employment). TUPE means that the employees of the outgoing employer (the school) automatically become employees of the incoming employer (the Trust) at the point of transfer.

They carry with them their continuous service from the outgoing employer, and should continue to enjoy the same terms and conditions of employment with the incoming employer.

If a member of staff later gains a new contract, e.g. because of promotion, they will be on the Trust's terms and condition.

Terms and conditions

We follow the national terms and conditions for teaching staff and the Sheffield terms and conditions for support staff.

The only difference you may notice is that Trust contracts mention working at schools across the Trust. This could happen when a member of staff takes on a temporary responsibility to, for example, support colleagues in their subject area at another school.

Development opportunities

As mentioned, there are frequently opportunities for staff development across our schools. Sharing best practice is at the heart of our approach, so we try to build professional networks for our staff in different areas.

Key to this is our Teaching School, the Sheffield Teaching School Alliance. You can read more about our professional development and training, as well as other opportunities here.

Career pathways

As the Trust grows, we want to ensure there are career pathways for staff, offering new challenges and opportunities.

It's also good for school leaders, so they can grow their own talent, and keep them!

With our Teaching School offering everything from school experience and initial teacher training, through to middle and senior leadership development, we have all the expertise and support you will need.