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How to join 

Every school's journey to us is different, but it usually starts with a conversation.

Please contact us and we can talk. You can meet any of our Executive Team, Central Team, or Trustees. We've given formal presentations to Boards of Governors and staff, but we prefer a more informal two way conversational approach.

If that goes well and you decide formally to join us, a period of 'due diligence' starts. We ask questions of you and you ask questions of us. We check that we're a good match and ensure we know what we're both getting into. We share key documentation with your leadership team and Governors.

If your school isn't already an academy and you are a ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ school, you'll have to consult your staff and local community about becoming one. But that's a straight forward process and we have collected examples of how other schools have done this, which we can share.

We support you through the legal process of academisation and do as much of the work as we can for you.

All being well, you could join us any time from six months after your Governing Body's initial decision.

Please contact us for that initial conversation.