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What our staff say

From the central trust team:

"Chorus Trust is exciting, visionary, energetic, embracing, positive, pro-active. You are surrounded by like-minded people who are experts in their field, sharing and growing on a daily basis."

"It's great to work with people who are professionals in their fields, and trusted to get on and do their jobs. The support from colleagues has been immeasurable and menas I look forward to coming to work every day."

From our schools:

"We are a close knit team of experienced professionals with established lessons and a solid reputation for quality that spans back at least 20 years. We are keen to innovate, and inject some individuality in to learning and welcome imagination. Our close links with universities give a superb opportunity to collaborate with a supportive group of like-minded, dedicated professionals."

"This is a wonderful place to work, with a lively and exciting mix of students and staff. Students thrive in the creative academic atmosphere and are prepared to work hard and rise to the challenge. We are blessed with an array of students who all bring their own backgrounds to bear in their creative process, giving us a fantastic base on which to build our teaching and encourage our different cohorts to challenge themselves, each other and us to push the limits of working creatively."

"It is a fantastic place to work, as staff are supportive and welcoming. Teachers here regularly give up their time to help others and give advice about teaching. It is also a pleasure to work with students who are highly aspirational and eager to learn."

"We are a friendly fun loving department with a caring, can-do attitude. We are always keen to embrace new ideas and techniques and are very adaptable."

"Very professional and hard-working colleagues who care about all students. Superb team spirit, friendly and very supportive department, stable, mostly able to teach your specialist subject, good balance of experience, very open to new ideas. Outward-facing. Strong and note-worthy work-ethic. Ignificant EAL cohort and SEN students bring welcome diversity and a genuinely comprehensive profile to lessons. Well resourced, opportunities to lead and develop. Effective CPD."